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Position gps de nos 4 sites de vols



Indoor flight


La halle aux fleurs du MIN de NiceOur indoor flight room in the M.I.N. flowers, grandiose!

Our indoor landmark

For Parkflyer, helicopters, multicopters and other electric models of small dimensions, and light.
Market Hall of National Interest (M.I.N. d'Azur) of Nice Saint Augustin (near the airport).
Exploitable volume of this room: 100m long, 45m wide and 13m high under the vault! We are not cramped!

Hours and days of access to club licensees or our guests:




All the sites below are declared to the DGAC.

Slope flight


the most nearly ...

Vol de pente au Mont-Chauvewith the city of Nice and the Angels's Bay at our feet


A pleasant and volable site very regularly 15 minutes, north of Nice, above Falicon.
in the summer, members usually meet on Tuesdays afternoons

Free access every day of the week.

* To know more: Flight of slope to Mont-Chauve




A little more confidential ...


un deuxieme site de vol de pente, le Mont Arpasse

with the view, in the distance, on the snowy Mercantour ...

Mont Arpasse


A magical site in a grandiose setting, located a few kilometers from Levens.

A little harder to find alone, it would be better to contact us before.
It can fly without problem, with gliders up to 4 meters.

Free access every day of the week.

* To know more: Flight of slope to the Arpasse



Plain Flight

Les Grand-Prés de LevensOur main flight site near Levens, 20 minutes from Nice..


Grand Prés of Levens


You can come fly every day of the week ...


... with the exception of Sunday and public holidays ...

Club members usually meet there every Saturday afternoon, weather permitting.

* To know more: Flight of plain